Indie Authors



Moises John Bilang aka Bagotilyo is an indie author from the Philippines; A registered nurse who is passionate about understanding human behavior. He dreams to live in a world where everyone values their holistic being and realizes that taking care of their physical health is as important as taking care of their mental health.


Gresson Peiffer

Gresson currently has an office job as a profession but has always known that she had a bigger role to play in this world. She is convinced she is able to teach something, inspire and motivate others. She had to learn valuable lessons first in order to get to her own wisdom and inner power. The time has come to share the knowledge and wisdom through her own experience and to step into her life purpose.


Paige Kemp

Paige is a 22-year old Māori woman living on the Gold Coast, Australia. She is multifaceted, ambitious, and a passionate learner. She is a business and tourism student, mentor, an online entrepreneur and on a journey to creating time and financial freedom. She is passionate about mindset, people, culture, education, and the environment. Specifically the preservation and regeneration of the mother earth. Paige is here to educate, impact, inspire and provide knowledge because awareness is the first step to change.


Sara Louisa

Author Sara Louisa is a Canadian, with three published works, her first being a romantic crime-thriller/suspense novel, called Just Drive. Recently, the first two books of her sci-fi fantasy were released: Liv The Beginning, and book two, The Awakening. While living a secluded country life raising four children and caring for horses, writing became a passion for Sara. Making the hard decision to move to the city and start a successful catering company became a busy part of her life. Once settled, Sara began writing again and was able to publish Just Drive as her debut novel in June 2020!

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