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If you are planning to have a passive income while doing your full-time job or planning to retire soon but would like to still receive a stable income while enjoying your tea, then selling an eBook is right for you. Digital transactions are on the rise as the world continues to gear towards innovation, thus this is the right time to share your writings and at the same time earn money by sharing your knowledge with the world through an online platform. You don’t need to be a professional author. All you need to do is prepare your manuscript and let us help you distribute it online and earn money through this site.

Just like you, all of the successful authors now had the same problem before – they have no idea where to start. If you are at this point in your writing career, you may use some simple tips and steps on how to publish your first eBook on the market by clicking the link provided.

Let’s get started!

Grab a book

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the eBook selling process


Why distribute your eBook with us?

  • Unlimited cashout
  • Royalty up to 90%
  • Easy payment collection method for buyers
  • Distribute your eBook now and waive the one-time registration fee (limited offer)
  • Chance to be featured as Skipread’s author of the month
  • Free eBook promotion on Skipread’s other social media pages all throughout the year
  • Provides running sales report
  • Fast email response to answer your queries and requests

This article will provide more information so we can move forward with the process of selling your eBook. But first things first, we need to ensure that you are prepared and that you meet all the criteria listed below:

  1. To make your eBook competitive in the current market standard, you have to ensure that it is available in either PDF or ePUB format and better if available in both format.
  2. Make no mistake, they will judge your book by its cover, so your eBook must be equipped with an enticing front and back cover.

If you meet both of the criteria mentioned, you are on your way to publishing your eBook.

How will it work?

Accomplish the agreement form
Download and accomplish the agreement form below. Make sure to read the agreement and sign the document.

Submit all the necessary documents
This includes a copy of your identification card (ID), a picture for author’s bio in JPEG format, and your eBook in PDF and/or ePub format. Send it along with the accomplished eBook Distribution Request form at iskipread@gmail.com with email subject line: EBOOKDISTRIBUTIONREQUEST_<TITLE OF YOUR BOOK>

Wait for our response
Your patience will be needed. Please take note that we are receiving bulk queries and submissions at the moment. If you will not receive any feedback from us within 7 days, feel free to follow up. Once your request was approved, the team will send you your consignment agreement.

Submit the Consignment Agreement
The consignment agreement will answer most of your concerns. It includes vital details like payment, terms and conditions, royalty, cashout date, and many more. Make sure that you understand all its contents before signing.

Provide the agreed payment
Investing is part of the process. You need to deposit the required amount based on the guidelines in the consignment agreement. Payment usually includes a one-time registration fee, web posting (online library) fee, and admin fee. Don’t worry as the price for this is very affordable. Our goal is to help you take your writing career to the next level.

eBook selling and distribution
Finally, the long wait is over! Your eBook will be open for selling on our website within 3-5 business days. Make sure to share the good news to everyone!

Receive your royalty
Aside from accomplishing your career goal and making your eBook available on the market, you will also receive your royalty based on what is written in the consignment agreement. There will be no limitation on the amount of money that you can cash out. Basically, the more sales you have, the more income you will receive.


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