I wanted to share my journey through self-discovery. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own pace of growth. I just wanted to show that it’s possible for people to transform their lives on all levels! One can do so much with a change of mindset and finding a way past their own blocks. Everything fell into place once I started to pay more attention to the signs and synchronicities. Lucky me, I found a way to open up to my intuition, which led me to unlock, heal and reconnect to my inner child. Then I learned Reiki and how to work with the energy. It’s all about one thing that opens up another and another…like a catalyst. I ended up transforming my own life, finding my life purpose and my authentic self. Everyone has the chance to create the life that they want if they move out of their comfort zone and work through their ego and fears. Who doesn’t want a balanced and harmonious life? Use the wisdom I have shared and the reflection pages to find out how!


Author: Gresson Peiffer

Language: English

Category: Non-Fiction


Number of Pages: 256

Price: Php 780

Book Rating:

Rating: 0 out of 5.

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Gresson Peiffer

Gresson currently has an office job as a profession but has always known that she had a bigger role to play in this world. She is convinced she is able to teach something, inspire and motivate others. She had to learn valuable lessons first in order to get to her own wisdom and inner power. The time has come to share the knowledge and wisdom through her own experience and to step into her life purpose.
People around her always have known her as the shy and quiet type. It’s about time to get her full potential out. Through the process of spiritual awakening, she has found herself and she can maintain that balance by working with energy.
In our lives, we get tested many times, and Gresson found out that she has always been guided by the Universe in everything she did. She knows that everything has happened the way it was.

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  1. “Life hasn’t been easy for me.”

    “Eventually I learned how to dance through my difficulties with help from the Universe. I realized I don’t need to worry about a thing. The Universe always has my back. I always managed to make it through. There were times my faith got tested and I asked myself how much did I truly want it? All doubts and fears got replaced with true belief in faith, and there I received everything I desired”. Pg. 33 of 255

    Sharing My Light And Healing Energy, journey to the self by Gretchen Peiffer

    As soon as I realized that just by asking for what you want, it will manifest for me. I know there are no coincidences, only synchronicities, just like on the day I met Gretchen, the Author of a book. It became my own personal guidebook to understanding who I am. Every word I read managed to speak to me directly giving me my own personal key any door I wish to go.

    This my first Spiritual Awakening, I had gone through my “Tower Moment” as we say in the tarot world. A Tower Moment is when life as you know is no longer the same. It’s sudden upheaval, and even total chaos. The Universe had just swept everything out from under my feet, and painfully gifted me with the ability to have a clean blank slate. I didn’t know then how that painful seperation was actually meant to be a beautifully handwrapped gift directly handed to me from the cosmos. It had to be a mistake! But no, the Universe doesn’t make mistakes, the Universe allows you the opportunity to receive if your able to recognize it.

    This book doesn’t just speak to me personally, but my intuition is telling it speaks to many, as a whole, as a collective, holding the knowledge, the key we need to be successful. The way Gretchen’s writing style has an had the ability to relate to anyone, simply, yet with profound epiphanies everyday. There is a way to bring all you could ever imagine, and so much more through these messages.

    Thank you more than I could express with words, Gretchen, and it’s an honor, you’ve given us a true gift. ☀️💚💜🥰

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  2. Gretchen describes in her book the way we all should and could take, the way through more freedom and happiness in our lives, away from pain, emotional blocks and restricted thoughts!

    Life is beautiful and may be beautiful, but we have to allow it also. This book gives a perfect description of the transformation we could make to live the life you want to live. Followed by your heart, body, passion and wishes and in the perfect balanced energy!

    A must read for everybody who want to improve their life and left behind blocks and negativism and issues of the inner child, with also a lot of exercises and tips!

    Thank you for this book, Gresson!

    Ilse Hellinckx,
    author of the book “Hoe het licht uitging”.


  3. A positive book.Gresson takes you on her journey of following intuition, achieving peace, gratitude, and finding life’s purpose. There are lots of helpful insights into personal healing and becoming the best we can be. Her uplifting thoughts and perspective will leave you feeling good about life.


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