‘Be The Change’ is a simple, easy and convenient beginner’s guide to environmental sustainability. It comprises of 8 chapters covering key concepts such as consumerism, climate change, sources of energy, animal agriculture, ocean, and commercial fishing, waste, plastic, and importance of trees.

The 74-page eBook is filled with knowledge, statistics, valuable tips, tools, solutions, and resources for the every day person to kickstart their eco journey today!

It is fun, optimistic, inspiring, interactive, and thought-provoking. No experience or knowledge required as ‘Be The Change’ brings it right back to the basic teaching fundamentals and highlights how you can contribute to a thriving future!

Book Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Purchase: Be the Change (eBook)

Author: Paige Kemp Language: English Category: Non-Fiction (Education) Number of pages: 74


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Paige is a 22-year old Māori woman living on the Gold Coast, Australia. She is multifaceted, ambitious, and a passionate learner. She is a business and tourism student, mentor, an online entrepreneur and on a journey to creating time and financial freedom. She is passionate about mindset, people, culture, education, and the environment. Specifically the preservation and regeneration of the mother earth. Paige is here to educate, impact, inspire and provide knowledge because awareness is the first step to change.

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