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You Only Live Once


“I wear my mask because it fits me good.

Hide my sadness just like it should.”

-Lacey Mckenzie

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You only live once, but once is enough .

Some have it easy, most do it tough.

Looking out the gate the pain sets in…

Not goin nowhere, never gonna win.

Thoughts of disappearing always on my mind.

Time is something I long to rewind.

Nothing is easy, that now I see…

Tired of this life….it means nothing to me.

The smile I show, the laugh you hear

It’s all a big lie… there’s nothing but fear.

Bed is the place where I wanna stay

Sleep keeps me safe and outta the way.

I’m always waiting for the good things to come but like I

said… it doesn’t happen for some.

It sounds like I’m weak but I tell you I’m not.

I’ve survived on my own, I’ve been through a lot.

The feelings I have I will never see through.

I’m better than that, I will wait for my cue.

I just want things that seem important to me.

Love would be nice … it makes me feel free.

Days have been slow, years fly by fast.

Wish I could forget the things of my past.

I wear my mask because it fits me good.

Hides my sadness just like it should.

My smile with fool because no one really cares..

It just stops the talking.. the told you so stares…

-Lacey Mckenzie

Lacey Mckenzie

Lacey is a 37 year old mother of three from Australia. She grew up in the country town of Beaudesert,  Australia. Ran away from home at fifteen and began this crazy ride called life.

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