My Pride


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The one who stole my heart away in frenzy

The one who took my breath away a million times

The one whom I choose to spend forever with

The one made just for me

You take my breath away, each time I see you

I am hypnotized by your beauty

Your smile brighten up any dark cloud Nkem, The woman of my dreams

You are not only beautiful

You are also an epitome of intelligence

Your meek character and leadership skills

Endeavors me more to you

Tell your kinsmen to be prepared

For I am coming with palmwine and kolanut

To fulfill every rites that will make you mine

Onye m ji, eme onu, my pride

Words alone cannot describe how much you mean to me

You are the pillar of my success

Igogbe m ji afu uzo; my pretty one

You complete my world..

Blackgold Šī¸




NOSIRU SHARON M is a writer that believes that writing is a tool necessary for changing the world.

She is a girl child advocate and founder of the Girls Haven initiative and upcoming gender-based Non-governmental organization. She is also a co-founder in an upcoming Writing institute called Smart Thinkers Nigeria.

Published by skipread

A collection and recollection of letters and words that give birth to stories, experiences, events, work of arts and life's greatest lessons.

4 thoughts on “My Pride

  1. What a beautiful poem! The speaker’s devotion is clearly evident on every line – your amazing words clearly bought their love and adoration to life. I only hope that one day I can love someone like this.


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