The Great Prison

Just unbutton your heart.

And follow the path of silence.

Kenneth Maswabi

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The great prison of life is found within the walls of logic

Where the path of certainty is non-existent

Don’t wrap yourself in hopelessness

And expect to see the path of Light

It is only those who are submerged in awareness

That can see beyond their materialistic needs

And enter the realm of true freedom

Life is not a prison sentence

Don’t hold your breath

Just unbutton your heart

And follow the path of silence

True freedom is not found in the vesicles of life

Wrapped in delicate membranes of law and order

It does not have pockets of turmoil and moments of pain

True freedom lies beyond the equation of logic

Not governed by statutes or the laws of physics

True freedom is found inside the realm of nothingness

Where time is not a necessity and life is not measured or pressured

True freedom is the content of Silence or emptiness

When body, mind and soul are totally free

And the spirit is submerged in ecstasy

This is not death, it is eternity

The pedestal of hope

The supreme structure of life

Unconditional Love



Dr. Kenneth Maswabi is a citizen of Botswana, Africa. He was born in Botswana and did his primary and secondary schooling in Botswana. He went on to study medicine at the University of Melbourne (Australia) and he is a practicing medical doctor specializing in clinical research. He is currently focusing on HIV/AIDS research in children, specifically working on HIV/AIDS cure research, and he has recently published his first journal article in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Disease.

Dr. Maswabi is a Christian who believes in Jesus Christ and God. His favourite Bible verses are Psalm 46:10 and 1 Corinthians 13: 4-13. These two Bible verses are the inspiration behind his spiritual growth and journey as a spirit poet.

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