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Broken Promises


” All the words that you said that night were stuck in my head and more so in my heart. God knows I am ready to marry you that night and spend eternity with you.”


I vividly remember that night. The stars are shining brightly in the sky and the full moon illuminates the rooftop where we are lying down. We are holding hands, laughing at the petty things we argued about last week, teasing our imperfections but at the same time loving each and every part of one another. You promised a lot of things that night. You told me that you will never leave me no matter what. But what stuck to me the most is when you said that we will be together forever. I was so excited and happy, wishing that this night will not come to an end.

I clearly remember your face that is more beautiful than the starry sky that night. I clearly remember the look on your face when I told you that your face is as round as the full moon. Instead of getting mad, you lightly punch my shoulder and followed by a gentle bite. That gave me an idea of the gift that I will get you on our second anniversary next month. A Puppy. You keep talking that night about us. All the words that you said that night were stuck in my head and more so in my heart. God knows I am ready to marry you that night and spend eternity with you.

But as the saying goes, all things must come to an end. A few days after that night, you left me without even saying goodbye. That is so unfair. You know that I am not ready and I will never be ready. I want to be mad at you but I couldn’t. As always, I tried to understand you. It hurts to be alone but what hurts the most is the fact that you didn’t keep your promises to me. After all, they are just words spoken. But just so you know, I believed all the things that you said to me that night.

I am standing here in a peaceful place where grasses are greener than usual as I reminisce the times that we were together. A cool wind gently blew and caress me as if it knows that I needed someone to make me feel better. I brought the puppy named Max that I am supposed to give you for our second anniversary and a diamond ring. I was planning to propose to you but you didn’t give me a chance to take a knee and ask you to marry me.

I keep on looking on my phone and hoping that you would call or send a message. I left you a dozen messages on your social media accounts but as expected, I received no reply. You didn’t even bother to open it. Truth be told, it crossed my mind to dial your number thousand times even though I know that you will not answer. Out of desperation, I decided to call you but when I try to find your name in my phonebook, Max struggled from my arm as he tries to lick my face making my phone fell to the ground. I looked down to search for its location. Grasses are so thick in this area but after a couple of seconds, I saw my phone beside the white roses that I brought, and just above those roses, I found your name deeply engraved in the tombstone. Tears fell from my eyes.

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