Top Ten Reasons to Travel Alone

 “If you think adventure is dangerous try routine. It is lethal.”

– Paulo Coelho

Covid-19 brought about a lot of mental health issues as it causes fear, anxiety, and creates things on your mind that you cannot explain or understand. Not to mention the effect of lockdown on the mental well-being of many; forcing everybody to leave the normal life for quite some time and live a life with restrictions and fear. After the pandemic, I hope you consider traveling alone and reconnect with yourself. Here are some reasons why traveling alone is worth considering:

1. You need a break and you know it. There are a lot of things that have happened for the past months and it’s time to go forth and see the beauty of the world. Put your gadget down and detox from social media for a while. Disconnect online and reconnect with the world.

2. You know in your heart that you are an adventurous person and that there is a part of you that would love to take the risk and go to a place you never visited before. If you opt to travel alone, you might get lost in the journey or find your way to your destination. Either way, you win because you gain new experience.

3. Do you know the saying “time flies”? – well it is true, so before you reach the finish line, it’s good that once in a while to take a side trip. It’s time to stay away from your daily routine for a while. Remember that you are not escaping, but just taking a break for your mental well-being.

4. Though traveling may cost you a penny, there are parts of the journey that creates memories that you would never equate to any amount of money. If you started investing money in the bank or getting insurance, it’s time to invest in yourself and breath fresh air outside.

5. You deserved it! Treat yourself. Put your sunglasses on and grab a beer, coffee, or tea while listening to the beautiful sound of waves on the beach and let the ray of sunshine touches your skin. Again, you deserved it!

6. If you feel that some parts of your life are out of your control and things are not happening the way you expected them to be, traveling alone might help because you can regain some sense of control when you hold your own time and place to visit. This may help you get back on track.

7. God is calling you out there to see the beauty of His creations. The relaxing sound of the sea waves, the cool breeze that embraces your soul, the mesmerizing beauty of nature, and the sound of the birds that are inviting you to turn off your wifi and Spotify so that you can listen to the harmony and beauty of the sounds they create.

8. If you need to make a major decision in your life, whether it’s a career shift, break up, or planning to get married, traveling alone can clear your clouded mind and let you see a different perspective letting you make a sound decision.

9. You always listen to the noises of the world and the overloading information from social media, maybe it’s time to listen to what your heart is telling you to do. I can guarantee that your heart has a lot of things to say, it’s time that you listen once and for all. If you travel alone, you can get your “me” time throughout the travel. You will be surprised that after the trip, you will know yourself better and be able to visit a part of you that you never knew existed.

Maybe you are wondering why I only provided nine reasons instead of ten. That is because I want you to find the reason number ten and share it with us.

Are you in? Go ahead my friend, the world is yours!

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luisa zambrotta
1 year ago

So interesting!

1 year ago

I’m afraid I’m not brave enough to travel alone. Maybe I can do it with one or two companions, people I can talk with to share my thoughts . I’ve been in a group tour , and except for the speed the tour was conducted , it wasn’t so bad.… Read more »

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