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There are millions of aspiring writers out there who have the talent and skills but don’t know how to publish their work and earn real money from it. This is the time to believe again in your capabilities and potential that your work means something to the world. If you would like to know how to kick off the process in publishing an eBook, keep reading and scrolling. This may change your life for good.

1. Writing takes a lot of work and discipline. If you ever feel that the motivation is not there anymore, go back to your core and choose a theme or topic close to your heart. Write even though you don’t feel like it. Write even though you are tired of writing. The key is to keep on writing.

2. If you think that you don’t have any skills in writing but would love to learn how to write and earn money from it, there are plenty of online courses that you can choose from or you can watch free writing tips on Youtube. Get the right resources and motivation and before you knew it, you already finished your manuscript.

3. Have someone proofread your work. Your brain and your eye will trick you and will make you think that your work is already free from typographical error or grammar lapses. By default, your eyes will overlook the first output produced by your brain believing that it is already flawless.

4. Get an editor or ask a trusted person to read your book for the first time and ask their honest opinion about the quality of its contents. Ask about the characters or the smoothness of the flow of the story or how concise and clear are the steps mentioned in your book or how valuable the lessons are in your masterpiece. Don’t get offended if they have a different opinion than yours because the sole purpose of asking for someone’s feedback is to get another point of view and improve your work. So man up and take their opinion constructively.

5. Get an eye-catching front cover. Your target audience will judge the book by its cover. Remember that if you will not get your audience’s attention and make them look at your book for a few seconds, you will not have the chance to prove how good the quality of the contents is. Find someone who can create a wonderful front cover. There are several services online like 99designs or Fiverr. There you can work with a graphic artist so you can get the front cover that you are looking for. Feel free to search for more providers and explore your options. We also offer cover book designing at very affordable rates. Check this link for more details and sample works.

6. Once your eBook is ready, find an online platform that can publish and distribute your work and get a chance to earn your royalty. You can opt to have your book in hardbound, register your book, get copyright, find a known publisher, and have it distributed in the book store then, later on, get the opportunity to also sell it online. This may take some time, so you might consider selling your book online now.

7. Attempt to answer all the questions you have in mind before really diving to publish your eBook. You cannot go halfway on this as selling requires the same commitment as to when you are writing your manuscript. We listed down some of the questions you have in mind.

Q: Do I need to register my work somewhere?

A: No, if you are planning to publish it online, you will not be required to register it somewhere. Think of the process when you are posting a blog or any original work online. However, should you wish to see it seat at a bookstore, you need to undergo the process of registration.

Q: Do I need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for my eBook?

A: While this is required for a physical book, eBooks don’t need to have an ISBN. However, If you have any plan in the future to publish a hard copy of your book, you should consider getting one before publishing and selling your eBooks online.

Q: Do I need copyright for my eBook?

A: Most countries don’t require copyright if you will venture to sell your eBook online. However, getting a copyright can benefit you in the long run as this will protect your intellectual property. In the online world where everything can be shared in just one click, it increases your risk for plagiarism. It is still best to check with the guidelines set by your respective country.

Q: If I publish my eBook, will I still be the owner of my work?

A: This depends on your agreement with your publisher. If you are going to sell your work through this website, you will still be entitled to the copyright and intellectual property of your work. You can still opt to sell it to other merchants you can find.

Q: Do I need to pay taxes when I sell my eBook?

A: Usually, only registered businesses or professionals not affiliated to an organization but rendering their professional services are the ones who are obliged to pay taxes as an official receipt is required in the process. Some countries set an income ceiling annually for entrepreneurs, and if the income reaches that amount, they will be required to pay taxes. Please check the guidelines on paying taxes set by your country.

8.Create a great synopsis and give them enough information about your eBook but make sure to hold back pieces and reserve your plot twist so that they will crave for more. Movies don’t give away the whole story in the trailer, right? Make it interesting and enticing. Consider this part as the icing on your cake.

9. Choose a few people that can vouch for the quality of your writing and promote your work by asking them to write a foreword or testimonials about your eBook. If you will put your A-game in bookselling, choose based on their level of influence in the online world. This may help you prove why your eBook worth a penny and can be your first step in making your eBook known in the online world.

10. Doubt yourself. Be excited. Be passionate. Feel what you would like to feel but never give up on your dream. Sell your eBook. Soar high and make your dreams come true.

If you are ready to take your writing career journey to the next level, just click the button below.

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